Back & Neck Relief

30 Jul 2013
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This very effective therapeutic massage uses deep tissue, trigger point, and other techniques combines together focusing the entire time of the massage on these particular areas where stress tends to accumulate. Whatever you do, much of the tension and stress that develops during the working week is felt in the neck and back. In some jobs tension can create some quite serious side effects, if stress and tension is allowed to build over time. People complain of pain, headaches and dizziness which can directly affect their performance to the point where they sometimes have to stop working. Professionally massaging the back and neck helps to relieve the tension that builds.

Specialty Nail Services

23 Jul 2013
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Fashion Wrap Manicure or Pedicure (Minx or Mystique Nail Wrap, name brands) This Specialty Nail Service is one that you have got to try. Really amazing, very similar to how a vehicle is wrapped with a design or advertisement. At New Image, we name this service “Fashion Nail Wraps” (using both the Minx and Mystique name brands) They are essentially a nail wrap that is gently heated during application, helping to increase adhesion and enhance performance. Fashion Wraps can be used for BOTH manicure and pedicure services. It stays on very well and is extremely durable in all elements. Gelish Manicure or Pedicure This durable specialty service provides “Goof, Dent, Smudge Free” nails because the LED and UV light wavelengths dry every layer.

Body Soother Ritual

16 Jul 2013
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This incredible treatment incorporates body balancing with the elements of the earth. Begin your journey with a luxury  body scrub under a warm Vichy rain shower, then transition into a aromatherapy steam experience before you submerge your senses with a Luxury Hot Rock Massage and a soak in a mineral rich Chakra Balancing Thalasso Therapy Bath. The healing aspects of earth, water, and meditation brings a unique balance and cleansing to the body and allows the mind to settle.