What are the differences between the hair removal options?

18 Feb 2014
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Nufree Nudess 98.6, the gold standard in hair removal systems, is the only safe, soy-based antimicrobial liquid hair removal system that makes your skin silky to look at and smooth to touch. Nufree completely uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft. It never dries and never sticks to your skin, so there is none of the pain, stretching or tearing of skin that waxes can cause. When you use Nufree in combination with antimicrobial finipil, you can be free of unwanted hair for weeks. After your second treatment, you’ll never have ugly stubs or nubs again, because Nufree doesn’t break hairs the way shavers and waxes do. Gentle enough for all skin types Cirepil Blue operates with a special.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

11 Feb 2014
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Therapeutic and Advanced massages can be an important component of your health maintenance and/or wellness plan. Massage helps keep the body and mind functioning optimally. · Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin · Improves circulation of blood and lymph · Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility · Encourages general relaxation · Improves immune system functioning · Improves energy flow Supports Your Fitness or Sports Program: Therapeutic massage can be an important adjunct to a fitness or sports program, helping you achieve your performance goals with minimal injury and pain. · Relieves tired and sore muscles · Helps improve flexibility · Relaxes tight muscles · Speeds recovery from strenuous physical exertion · Reduces the anxiety of athletic.

What precautions should be taken when seeking prenatal massage?

04 Feb 2014
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As with any therapeutic approach to pregnancy wellness, women should discuss massage with their prenatal care provider. The best way to address the risks of prenatal massage is to be informed and to work together with your massage therapist. Body position during prenatal massage At New Image Day Spa, we use a body positioning system that allows the client to comfortably lie face down, with a cut out providing a place for the abdomen and breasts to stay comfortably positioned and supported, this unique system also allows for a face up massage, distributing pressure and optimizing comfort. Be aware of sensitive pressure points Trained prenatal or pregnancy massage therapists are aware of pressure points on the ankles and wrists.