What is a Detoxifying Circulation Massage?

31 Jul 2014
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Our Detoxifying Circulation massage is designed to assist you in your detoxification and wellness journey. Massage is very beneficial in the treatment of toxicity. It helps to relieve toxic symptoms such as headaches, muscle soreness and fatigue. Massage improves circulation by pushing lymph and blood back toward the heart, where it can be pumped and filtered by the body. It is also utilized to enhance the venous return, which is essential for the removal of toxins. Our therapists use light pressure to push the blood and lymph through the skin. This massage is very relaxing, and is a perfect addition to our M’Lis Cleansing program, Ionic Foot Detoxifying Soak, or a body wrap. Classic Detoxifying.

How Permanent is Permanent?

17 Jul 2014
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Permanent Cosmetics is considered permanent because once the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin it cannot be washed off like traditional cosmetics. However, fading can and will occur. When the color is freshly applied it should always look “too dark”. After the healing process is complete there will be an obvious loss of color. After the initial application of color, a follow up procedure may be necessary to achieve the correct level of color saturation. Generally after the initial application and follow up of Permanent Make Up are complete, the longevity of pigment in the skin is 3 to 5 years.  The pigment we use will fade over time.

What Happens During a Couple’s Massage?

09 Jul 2014
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Couples massage is a massage that takes place in a couple’s suite. At the very least this is a room large enough for two massage tables. Our spa has amenities for couples, including steam showers, spa baths and a large relaxation room where you can relax together before and after your treatments. As for couples massage etiquette, it’s fine to talk to each other through the massage if you want, or be quiet the whole time. It’s really up to you. What Are the Benefits of Couples Massage? Couples massage is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first.