How Permanent is Permanent?

24 Nov 2014
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Permanent Cosmetics is considered permanent because once the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin it cannot be washed off like traditional cosmetics. However, fading can and will occur. When the color is freshly applied it should always look “too dark”. After the healing process is complete there will be an obvious loss of color. After the initial application of color, a follow up procedure may be necessary to achieve the correct level of color saturation. Generally after the initial application and follow up of Permanent Make Up are complete, the longevity of pigment in the skin is 3 to 5 years.  The pigment we use will fade over time.

Hair Removal

20 Nov 2014
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Always be ready for that weekend getaway or playful day poolside. With our hair removal services you will experience the freedom of silky, hair-free areas for up to 6 weeks! While hair removal for men and hair removal for women obviously differs, the care and consideration paid to the procedures and treatment is always safe and professional. Whatever hair removal procedure you choose to experience, our professionals make sure you get everything you need to feel comfortable. We feature only the highest quality products: Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring, Nufree Botanical Non-Wax Hair Removal, and Ceripil Hard Wax All hair should be pre-trimmed down or grown out to 1/4 inch in.

Corporate Incentives

14 Nov 2014
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Job Related Stress is at an all-time high. Today’s employees (and employers) are showing increased signs of depression, absenteeism and other health-related problems as they are asked to work harder and longer than ever before. Health insurance, once intended to help businesses combat these problems, has become a costly option that focuses on the symptoms and rarely treats the cause. And doctor visits are rarely, if ever, considered as fun and relaxing as would be a trip to a spa. New Image Day Spa introduces our Corporate Spa Wellness Program designed to allow your Company to provide your employees with a means to reduce work-related pressures. Corporate Spa Wellness Program.