Air Brush Spray Tanning

New Image Day Spa


  • $40, for a GUARANTEED TAN. It comes with the following upgrades:
    • The “xLaTan” pH Pre Tan Spray (makes tan deeper, darker, and more natural-looking)
    • Post Tan “HydroFirm” Moisturizer (Reduces DHA odor, Skin Nutrient Treatment, and helps eliminate stickiness),
    • Hot Steamed towel, Heart Sticker, Foot Protection, Hair Tie, Disposables (if desired-you can wear your own swimwear or undergarments), Hair protection cap.
    • $12, upcharge for “ONE” Rapid Dry Solution
      • The “ONE” Solution allows the client to do a warm water rinse shower (no soap) in as little as 1 hour for a light tan (fair skin clients), 2 hours for a medium tan (medium tone), and 3 hours for a darker tan (darker-toned skin). Please note that the rapid tan is still not the darkest color we have available, even if you leave it on for the full 3 hours. After the full time, the cosmetic bronzer will rinse off and the DHA in the tan will be fully absorbed continue to develop for 24 hours. The cosmetic bronzer will rinse off but your tan will not be 100% developed after rinsing.
  • Pre-Paid Package Price includes 6 of the $40 tans for $210, making them $35 each. Packages can’t be shared with other people. The package is good for 1 year.
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