What inspired you to choose this profession? I chose this profession because I have always been a self-care advocate and have a passion for permanent cosmetics and lash extensions.  I have a bit of OCD and it’s a perfect outlet for my perfectionism and keen attention to detail.  There is nothing more satisfying than having a client have me do a service on them and it turns out flawlessly and the client is elated with the results of my work.  That is my why, I LOVE to empower women and boost their confidence and selfesteem!

Describe your strong points of the services you perform here at the spa? I would say my strong points are my ability to really listen to what my clients wants and needs are and to exceed their expectations.  I am great with lashes, classic and volume, hybrid sets are my jam!

Why do you love working at New Image Day Spa?  I love the people here, the entire team seems to be right in their niche.  Everyone seems to get along seamlessly and there is a real comradery here, teamwork is the definition of the team here.  I love that since my first day everyone has done their best to make me feel welcome and fit in.  The atmosphere and the clientele couldn’t be better, this place is truly a world class day spa.

Favorite Service to perform & have done personally? I love doing classic and volume lashes and permanent cosmetics.  I have worked with clients with great brows wanting more definition, and people with sparse brows that needed a lot of work done.  I’m loving the eyeliner popularity now, it’s a huge surprise for people who love to wake up with makeup.  All are welcome adventures for me to work with. And I love a good challenge.  It brings me so much happiness to see ladies sit up and say how amazed they are with the results of our session.  Referrals are the greatest form of flattery and I have quite a few clients who have not only had a service done by me, but then their sister, mom, and BFF come to me as well.  I can get enough of this work and I would do if everyday if I could.

Personality Strengths or Service Strengths?  I’m, a great listener and intuitive by nature, I usually have a really good idea of what people want before they say anything abou it.  I am great at the service delivery, my services I perform is each significant to me and I strive to make each one fantastic in its own way  I am a people person and I connect with people easily, typically I have a wonderful conversation with my clients and they return later for another great visit to the spa! I am a really easy going person and I’m easy to get along with.  I am always looking for ways to improve my work in some way or another.