Looking for an easier way to lose weight?

Welcome to 2015! January is here in full swing, and, as usual, many of us have already broken our New Years’ resolutions. Most American adults want to lose weight at the start of every year, but many people don’t last the first month. Thankfully, each day is a new day to begin, and if you are one of the 60% of us who want to lose weight this year, there is still hope.

Of all the varieties of diets out there, one of the best options for not only quick weight loss, but also body cleansing is the M’Lis cleansing system. The M’Lis Company offers a number of different products and cleansing solutions to fit your lifestyle, with meal replacement shakes and supplements, along with calendars and meal plans to help you get started.

One of my favorite options for cleansing is their month-long detoxification and cleansing program to clears your blood, liver, bowels, kidneys, and other systems and organs of toxins. This program begins with 3 days of supplementation and cleansing. After that, you pretty much eat as normal, but cut out sugar, soda, and junk food. During the course of the month you receive 3 M’Lis body wraps that detoxify your skin, helping you lose inches and excess water weight. There is potential to lose up to 20 pounds during the month with this particular system.

New Image Day Spa in Ogden is the premier spa in Northern Utah, offering M’Lis consultations, products, and body wraps. Your consultation is optional, and can help you decide which program is right for you. Our full body wraps are designed to be effective for inch loss as well as detoxification. While your body loses inches, you rest and relax in a serene room with soft music while a trained professional takes care of your every need. There is even an option to receive a custom facial while you rest in your body wrap.

The goal of M’Lis is not only for you to lose weight. There are a number of physical ailments that can be relieved as you follow the program, such as arthritis, excess candida, natural hormone therapy, fibromyalgia, and anti-cellulite. The hope is that in following the program you will feel increased energy, have fewer junk food cravings, and experience an overall feeling of health and wellness as you experience and complete the program. This feeling of well being will guide you toward better choices in the future, steering you on the path of health and vitality. New Image Day Spa can help you get there! Visit our website for more information and pricing.

Watch this video to learn more about M’Lis and the program.