The Ultimate Solution for Reducing Cellulite

15 Aug 2014
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Synergie Body Contouring is the ultimate noninvasive treatment, approved by the FDA, to reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce inches, tone and firm the skin, and relieve tension and pain in the soft tissue. Dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite. Shapes and contours the body while trimming away those unwanted inches. Smoothes and tightens the skin. Improves circulation Provides deep, relaxing, comfortable massage. Synergie™ body sculpting is an effective and easy, non surgical alternative to help you lose inches and feel great for the summer. Over the years, many have “claimed” miracle cures for cellulite, but nothing has been proven effective — until now.  The Synergie Aesthetic Massage System™ uses.

What Happens During Hydrotherapy?

12 May 2014
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Water is the heart of the spa experience and now you have a day spa that takes water therapy seriously. Water is fundamentally transforming and is used for cleansing and purifying through compresses, showers, baths, and steam. Each treatment is designed specifically for your health needs. At New Image Day Spa we have the ultimate in Hydro-Therapy and Spa experiences waiting for you to indulge bringing you the New Image of beauty and wellness. Each hydrotherapy experience will be custom designed to meet your specific health needs.  Surrender your stress and bask in pure bliss prior to spa treatments. Water is the heart of the spa experience.  Fundamentally transforming, it.

Vichy Shower Exfoliations

15 Apr 2014
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Imagine escaping to a secluded tropical rainforest and lying under a warm, lavish waterfall washing away all of your stress. Get that same relaxation from an Exfoliation Treatment! Our Vichy Showers cascade warm water over your entire body through 7 individual showerheads suspended from a ‘rain bar’ as you lay on our cushioned hydrotherapy table. Your body will melt as a skilled technician uses one of our exclusive InSPArations Body Scrubs or Polishes to smooth and silken your body, remove dead skin cells, and increase circulation and cellular turnover. Classic Exfoliation This service is perfect for the person on the go or before any spa treatment to increase the effectiveness of.