Water is the heart of the spa experience and now you have a day spa that takes water therapy seriously. Water is fundamentally transforming and is used for cleansing and purifying through compresses, showers, baths, and steam. Each treatment is designed specifically for your health needs.

At New Image Day Spa we have the ultimate in Hydro-Therapy and Spa experiences waiting for you to indulge bringing you the New Image of beauty and wellness. Each hydrotherapy experience will be custom designed to meet your specific health needs.  Surrender your stress and bask in pure bliss prior to spa treatments. Water is the heart of the spa experience.  Fundamentally transforming, it is used for cleansing and purifying: externally through compresses, showers, bathing, and swimming; and internally, through drinking.

What happens during hydrotherapy?

  • After 5 minutes – your blood pressure and pulse rates may begin to drop.
  • After 8 minutes – your circulation improves in your hands and feet making them feel warmer.
  • After 12 minutes – your muscles relax, becoming more receptive to passive exercise. Tissues become more pliable and responsive to stretching, encouraging the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your system.
  • At 15 minutes – your minor aches and pains will often experience a temporary decrease in severity.

Ogden Hydrotherapy Treatments