Deb R. Licensed Massage Therapist

What inspired you to choose this profession?

When I was a young girl my father used to have me walk on his back and it always seemed to help him a lot. My mother and I would give each other manicures. These were some very special bonding moments with my parents that I never forgot.  As an adult I worked in office work for many years until I started to massage friends and family members as we sat around watching tv.  I started to get requests for massages so I thought to myself …I could make a living doing this.  I love massage and helping people feel good. It is an amazing way to spend my days.

Describe your strong points of the services you perform here at the spa?

I have a good overall therapeutic massage.  I use a lot of different modalities depending on the needs of my client, from Swedish to Reflexology to Theda Energy work.    I’m  especially fond of the Exfoliation Specials we offer…. Seven Shower heads massage and warm the body as we exfoliated with a specially blended “Insparation” sea salt scrub and then rehydrate the body with our specialty body butters.  It makes your skin feel like silk…. A Great Service, come in I’d love to give you one today!

Why do you love working at New Image Day Spa?

I have been working with Michelle and New Image Day Spa since I graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2001, which makes me one of the old timers.   It has always been like family working at New Image. Michelle Solum (the owner) has  great ideas for monthly specials and also makes most of the “Insparation” product used at the spa. She has her own shop, which allows for alot of fun and inspirational scents and scrubs.  In other words everything is always fresh and new and inventive.  Never a dull moment :-).  Michelle is the kind of boss that allows her employees to embrace their own style and work to be the best Therapist they can be, each an individual and not carbon copies of one another.  That makes each massage therapist and esthetician worth trying because each one brings their own unique style.  So try us all!

Favorite Service

Exfoliations and Massage


I feel I have a nurturing nature and I try with everything I can to make each one of my clients feel relaxed and cared for.  I believe there is not enough touch in the world so I hope to send each of my clients away from their services feeling like the world is a good place and that they deserve to be pampered and loved.