What is a Detoxifying Circulation Massage?

Detoxifying Circulation Massage South Ogden Our Detoxifying Circulation massage is designed to assist you in your detoxification and wellness journey. It really is another name for a Relaxing Massage, but with a focus on treatment of toxicity. It helps to relieve toxic symptoms such as headaches, muscle soreness and fatigue. Detoxifying Circulation Massage improves circulation by pushing lymph and blood back toward the heart, where it can be pumped and filtered by the body. It is also utilized to enhance the venous return, which is essential for the removal of toxins.

Our therapists use a very light pressure to push the blood and lymph through the skin. This massage is very relaxing, and is a perfect addition to our M’Lis Cleansing program, Ionic Foot Detoxifying Soak, or a body wrap.

Classic :          30 min ~ $50

Luxury :          1 hr ~ $75

Ultimate:        1.5 hrs~ $105

Deluxe:           2 hours ~ $150