Ginger C.

(Now taking appointments only available upon request)

What inspired you to choose this profession?

At 50 I faced being divorced and a single mom of 5.  Whatever I needed to face,  I wanted another chance at beginning over.  There is a saying.  CHANGE YOUR FACE AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  I learned the skills for myself and want to share anti aging information with others.

Why do you love working at New Image Day Spa?

I have been at New Image for 8 years.  I love working there.  Because, we truly love and support each other, there is a unique feeling at the spa.

Favorite Service to perform?

 I have done permanent cosmetics for many years.  My favorite part is seeing women transform before me.  They wake up with their makeup loving themselves and are ready to start the day with confidence and saving their precious time.

Personality highlights?

I truly want to help others look better and feel better!  I am in my 60’s now.  Nobody believes it.  Book an hour facial and I will share my secrets with you!  Come in for a free permanent cosmetic consultation.  I can change your face, to change your life.