Last Minute

Hannah Duke South Ogden

Hannah J. Master Esthetician and Esthetics Team Lead

What inspired you to choose this profession?
I fell in love with the beauty industry at a very young age because my mother was an Esthetician and the career always interested me.
Describe your strong points of the services you perform here at the spa?
Some of my strong points would be attention to detail, time efficiency, connecting with the client, and educating clients about how to achieve their skin care goals.
Why do you love working at New Image Day Spa?
New Image provides an atmosphere to relax and de-stress and I get to aid in that by making people feel good and gain confidence because their beauty is enhanced.
What is your favorite service at the spa and Why is it your favorite?
Waxing is one of my favorite things to do at the spa. It is important to provided a comfortable environment for the client, and be as efficient and provide an optimal service as possible.
Tell a little about your personality & how it relates to the success of your profession.
I love helping others. I enjoy building relationships with my clients and getting to know people. My clients become friends and I enjoy my time with every one of them.
What are your Hobbies and/or interests?
Some of my hobbies consist of snowmobiling, fishing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.
Why should a client choose to come experience the spa and have a service by you?
Clients should come to the spa and have a service by me because I love working at the spa an really enjoy my job. It shows in the high quality of my work.