Hydrotherapy Services

Throughout the ages, people have realized the cleansing, healing, and restorative properties of water.

Please Note: Specialty “Spa” Bath Classic option (does not include massage) Luxury Spa Bath option (includes re-hydration massage for remaining time after the bath)

Signature Hydro-Massage: 60 min. $95

Vichy Shower Exfoliation Pricing:

Classic Vichy Shower Exfoliation                            30 min. $60

Luxury Vichy Shower Exfoliation                            60 min. $85

Specialty Spa Bath Pricing:

Classic Spa Bath (does not include massage)      30 min. $45

Luxury Spa Bath (includes massage time)           60 min. $80

Therapeutic Steam Experience Shower Pricing:

$15, 15 min                    $30, 30 min                        $45, 45 min.                   $60, 60 min.

FAR Infra-Red Sauna Pricing:

Our sauna is FREE to use for 25 min, before or after any spa service.

It is available without a spa service for:

$15, 15 min                    $30, 30 min                        $45, 45 min.                   $60, 60 min.

Foster the benefits of water and touch…

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