Jessica Duryea South Ogden

Jessica (Jessi) D. Master Esthetician

What inspired you to choose this profession?
I have always had a interest in skin and how to take care of it, because I realized at a young age that when you properly take care of your skin (inside and out) it really can make a big difference in how you look, feel, and how you age. The first time I had a facial in a spa, I loved the way my skin looked and felt. I enjoyed learning from the Esthetician how to better take care of my skin, how to balance it, so it was neither oily or dry. I also loved the spa environment, and knew I wanted to get into this profession. I want to share my passion and knowledge with others.

Describe your strong points of the services you perform here at the spa.
My strong points of the services here are pedicures and facials. I really enjoy helping clients improve their skin and educating them. I have genuine care and concern for the clients and their overall well-being.

Why do you love working at New Image Day Spa?
New Image Day Spa is a great place, with great people, great staff, and GREAT Administrators!

What is your favorite service at the spa and why is it your favorite?
The Luxury Spa Facial is my favorite! Not only is it a great stress reliever, it also deep cleans my skin, hydrates, and my face is always glowing after this treatment.

Tell a little about your personality and how it relates to the success of your profession.
I’m a caring, kind, happy, easy-going person. My greatest character quality for this profession is my calm disposition, which helps clients feel relaxed and at ease right away.

What are you hobbies and /or interests?
My favorite is spending time with my family, my husband, our kids, our puppy, and our extended family; doing things like camping, hiking, swimming, going to Lagoon, and going to baseball games. I also enjoy Yoga/Pilates, flower gardening, and going on walks.

Why should a client choose to come experience the spa and have a service by you?
Everyone should come experience New Image Day Spa! It is a beautiful and relaxing spa. The staff are committed to giving a great service, and they care about their clients. I love what I do, and want my clients to have the best experience they can at this spa.