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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend. Unlike traditional false eyelashes that are applied on a strip, synthetic eyelash extensions are glued to individual natural lashes with tweezers.

Women who get eyelash extensions no longer have to use mascara. The lashes are fairly durable, too. You can work out, swim or go to the beach without worrying about ruining your lashes or having your mascara run.

Extensions are individual, lash-like fibers attached millimeters above your eyelashes on the actual lash itself. Experts say they’re becoming more popular because, in most cultures, long lashes are a sign of femininity. Lashes also open up the eyes, and make women look and feel years younger. Eyelash extensions give the face a fresh appearance. When applied by an expert, the effect is subtle. The extensions can be trimmed to achieve a natural look. Full, long lashes help to round the eyes. Individual wispy lashes – are usually applied on the outer eye area – giving a glamorous look and add instant drama to any face.

Eyelash extensions come in soft black and dark brown for a natural look, all the way through to the more colorful blues, purples, greens and gold’s ordered ahead for special occasions. Colors can be chosen to match your eye shadow.

The extensions typically last two weeks to two months, but can begin to fall out within days depending on make up and make up remover used as well as sleeping patterns. You can even shower or go swimming in them. If you’re left with holes or patches, you can get touch-ups. And if you want them removed, it is recommended that you have us remove them for you to lessen the damage to your own natural lashes.


A variety of lash lengths are available. If your natural lashes are longer, then your extension length may be increased. Shorter natural lashes will not be able to be extended as far because they do not hold up as well. The procedure time varies depending on how dramatic you want your lashes. Fill-ins are needed about every 2-3 weeks. The price on fill-in’s varies depending on how long you wait to get your lashes filled in. The longer you wait between appointments, the more lashes will need to be replaced and it takes more time so the fee is higher.

Full Set Options:

Dramatic Full Set: $190, 3 hours

Natural Set: $125, 1.5 hours

Lash Fill-In: (from last application date)

3-week fill: $85, aprox. 75 min.

2-week fill: $70, aprox. 60 min.

1-week fill: $55, aprox. 45 min.

*Once extensions are in place, you can return for fill-ins when the glue wears off and your natural lashes have grown longer, which is usually 2-3 weeks after the full set is placed. At New Image Day Spa we offer a pre-book discount of $10 when you pre-schedule your fill-in before you leave the spa after the initial lash extension full set. To qualify for this discount, you must schedule before you leave the spa.

How it’s done

A special gel pad protects and holds down your bottom lashes to prevent the glue from sticking your top and bottom lashes together. Your eyes are closed the whole time as a technician takes one lash extension and glues it onto your lash, one at a time to each existing eyelash depending on how many you have and how dramatic of a set you would like. Lash extensions are rarely attached to the bottom lashes because they would make your eyes difficult to close.