Nail Upgrade Enhancements


Gelish Polish Application – $15

This durable specialty service provides “Goof, Dent, Smudge Free” nails because the LED and UV light wave-lengths dry every layer completely. Gelish enhances nail color longevity and durability while keeping the natural nails protected and healthy. This polish hybrid soaks off easily, in 15 min or less. It is thin, very shiny, and wears for 1-2 weeks on fingernails and 3-4 weeks on toenails.

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Gelish Removal by Technician – $15

Because of its durability, Gelish takes more of a process to remove than regular lacquer polish. The Gelish-coated nails must be soaked for at least 15 minutes in acetone before it can be removed. This can be done at home before your next manicure or pedicure, or it can be done at the spa for you.  If you still have Gelish on your nails at the time of your service, it is a $15 fee for your Gelish to be removed by your technician, and will also take time away from your scheduled nail service. If you would like your full nail service time plus the assistance of removal or gel to add on, please plan when booking your service so that we schedule the needed time for you.

We have a new nail option, Gelish Manicure or Pedicure which includes the Gelish Removal, Nail Preparation, and clean up with a New Gelish Color applied. It takes an hour and is $65.
Our spa is unable to remove other artificial nail products from your nails, such as Acrylic or Gel

Glitter Toes or Fingers – $15

For Glitter Nails (or Glitter Toes), we layer Gelish with Glitter and our Gelish Top Gel to give you that sparkly, long-lasting glitter look. Long-Lasting and goof-proof. Soak it off with acetone when you are ready to change colors or take it off.

French Tips (Gelish or Nail Lacquer) – $15

Get the durability of Gelish with the beauty of a French Manicure or Pedicure with Gelish or the option to provide a French Look with our regular Nail Lacquer.

Extra Callus Removal – $15, 15 min

Your technician will spend extra time buffing and sanding dry, cracked areas of your feet. Credo blade callous removal is available upon request by a few of our trained Master Estheticians. Credo Blade use must be mentioned at the time of service.

Extra Massage – $15, 15 min

Indulge yourself with an extra 15 minutes of massage on your arms and hands or legs and feet.

Hot Rocks – $5

Upgrade to add Hot Rocks into your pedicure time.

CBD Massage Oil – $10

Add CBD Massage Oil to your nail service.

Ionic Foot Detox – $45 for 30 minutes, Includes hand and foot rehydration massage

Ionic hydrotherapy is a sophisticated system of detoxification. Your feet are placed in a tub of water, which acts as a conductor, and a special device called an array is placed between your feet. The array produces positive and negatively charged ions that flow through your body and act as a magnet in attracting toxins and heavy metals out of the tissues. The toxins enter your bloodstream and as they circulate through your body, they are attracted to the charges of the array and exit your body through the pores in your feet via osmosis.
The process of ionic hydrotherapy is a safe and effective means of detoxification that bypasses your body’s natural detoxification systems, reducing the burden on these organs and significantly reducing the possibility of a “healing crisis”.

Have your unsightly toe hair removed during your pedicure.