Laser Hair Removal in Washington Terrace, UT test

Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal uses concentrated light to eliminate unwanted hair from various body parts. The process involves targeting the pigment in hair follicles with laser light, which damages the follicles and inhibits future hair growth. This treatment can be applied to numerous areas, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and […]

Talangectasia Removal in Washington Terrace, UT test

Talangectasia Removal Talangectasia Removal is a non-invasive treatment designed to address and eliminate the appearance of spider veins and other small, visible blood vessels. This procedure typically involves using laser technology or sclerotherapy to target and collapse unwanted veins, gradually causing them to fade from view. Lasers emit concentrated beams of light that penetrate the […]

Pigmentation Removal in Washington Terrace, UT test

Pigmentation Removal Pigmentation Removal is a specialized treatment designed to address and eliminate areas of pigmentation on the skin. This service uses advanced laser technology to target and break down melanin deposits responsible for dark spots, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. The laser emits a concentrated light beam absorbed by the pigmented areas, causing […]

IPL in Washington Terrace, UT test

IPL IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy treats skin tone and clarity without invasive procedures. This advanced technique uses light energy to treat skin conditions such as age spots, pigmentation, vascular lesions, and redness. By delivering precise pulses of light to the skin, IPL stimulates collagen production and breaks down pigmented cells and capillaries, promoting a […]

Skin Resurfacing in Washington Terrace, UT test

Skin Resurfacing Skin Resurfacing is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment designed to improve skin texture and appearance. In order to promote the growth of new, healthier skin cells, the outer layer of the skin is removed. It can treat various areas, including the face, neck, chest, and hands. Skin resurfacing promotes a smoother and more even […]

Cherry Angiomas in Washington Terrace, UT-test

Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas tend to appear as small, red bumps on the skin. These benign lesions are clusters of tiny blood vessels and can develop on various body parts, including the torso, arms, legs, and face. The treatment for Cherry Angiomas involves using a laser or intense pulsed light to reduce the appearance of […]

IV Services

Revitalize Quench $170 The Quench IV drip is designed to rehydrate your body, combat fatigue, and detoxify your system. This infusion includes a powerful combination of a mineral blend, B-complex vitamins, and Vitamin C, which work together to replenish vital nutrients, boost energy levels, and promote overall wellness. It is ideal for those recovering from […]


Massage therapy in Ogden, Utah at New Image Day & Med Spa

Traditional Massage A traditional massage is a blissful escape into luxury and relaxation. In a serene and elegantly appointed setting, you’ll be treated to a personalized session by a skilled therapist who will use oils and expert techniques to soothe your body and mind. It’s a moment of indulgence that leaves you feeling refreshed and […]


Hydrafacial Hydrafacial is a popular skincare treatment designed to improve your skin’s health and appearance through a multi-step process. This treatment involves cleansing, exfoliating, extracting impurities, and hydrating the skin with serums infused into pores with the Hydrafacial device. The patented technology clears dead skin cells, loosens pores, and prepares them for extraction using a […]

Hydrotherapy Treatment in Washington Terrace, UTAH

Hydrotherapy Treatment in Ogden, Utah by New Image Day Spa

Vichy Shower Experience Book Now LUXURY VICHY SHOWER EXFOLIATION $110 – 60 Min $125 – 60 Min Relish the soothing sensation of seven cascading warm water streams enveloping your entire body while you recline in relaxation. A skilled professional will gently exfoliate your skin using your preferred body scrub. Both treatments include the invigorating benefits […]

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