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Cherry Angiomas

Cherry Angiomas tend to appear as small, red bumps on the skin. These benign lesions are clusters of tiny blood vessels and can develop on various body parts, including the torso, arms, legs, and face. The treatment for Cherry Angiomas involves using a laser or intense pulsed light to reduce the appearance of these growths. The laser or IPL emits light that absorbs in blood vessels, causing them to collapse and resorb by the body, effectively reducing the visibility of the angiomas. This non-invasive procedure is quick and effective, providing noticeable improvement with minimal discomfort.

Cherry Angiomas in Washington Terrace, UT, are suitable for individuals looking to reduce the appearance of these skin growths for cosmetic reasons. Candidates should have good general health and realistic expectations about the treatment outcome. Within a few weeks, you can see results, with complete improvement visible after multiple sessions. The effects of the treatment are long-lasting, often requiring only occasional maintenance sessions. To learn more about how Cherry Angiomas can be effectively treated and to schedule an appointment, contact New Image Day & Med Spa today.

Signature Hydrafacial


The Signature Hydrafacial offers a comprehensive approach to skincare, perfectly tailored to maintain and enhance your skin’s natural beauty. This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts impurities while delivering nourishing serums. Ideal for clients seeking a thorough, refreshing boost to their skin’s health, the Signature Hydrafacial leaves your skin radiant and glowing, providing immediate improvement in texture and appearance.

Deluxe Hydrafacial


Our Deluxe Hydrafacial goes beyond the Signature by incorporating additional boosters and enhancements tailored to your skin concerns. This customized approach allows for targeted treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, or oily and congested skin. The Deluxe treatment also includes LED Light Therapy, which helps to reduce visible signs of aging and can calm acne-prone skin. This option is excellent for clients who require a personalized touch to achieve clearer, smoother, and more vibrant skin.

Platinum Hydrafacial


The Platinum Hydrafacial is the ultimate luxury in skin care, providing the most extensive and refreshing treatment. It includes all the steps of the Deluxe Hydrafacial, plus additional advanced features such as lymphatic drainage techniques to help detoxify the skin, increase blood circulation, and reduce puffiness. This premier treatment is designed to maximize your skin’s health and radiance, offering a complete skincare experience that rejuvenates, protects, and dramatically improves overall skin condition. The Platinum Hydrafacial is perfect for those seeking the highest level of skin therapy and pampering.

Benefits of Cherry Angiomas Treatment:

● Non-invasive procedure
● Minimal discomfort
● Quick treatment sessions
● Suitable for various body areas
● Improves skin appearance
● Long-lasting results
● Minimal downtime
● Effective for all skin types
● Reduces the need for more invasive procedures
● Safe and proven method


A good candidate for Cherry Angiomas treatment is someone in good health and looking for a way to reduce the visibility of benign growths. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations and no skin infections or severe conditions in the treatment area.

Results from Cherry Angiomas treatment can typically be seen within a few weeks. Complete improvement may require multiple sessions, depending on the number and size of the angiomas being treated.

The results of Cherry Angiomas treatment are long-lasting. However, new angiomas can develop over time, and occasional maintenance treatments may be necessary to keep the skin clear.

There is minimal downtime associated with Cherry Angiomas treatment. Redness or swelling may occur around the treated area, but they usually subside quickly.

Before treatment, avoid sun exposure and discontinue using products that can irritate the skin. After treatment, keep the treated area clean and protected from the sun. Follow your provider’s instructions for any specific care recommendations.

You can expect a quick and straightforward procedure during Cherry Angiomas treatment. The provider will use a laser or IPL device to target the angiomas; you may feel slightly warming or tingling. It is generally well tolerated and does not require anesthesia.

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