Classic 30 min: $80          Luxury 1 hour: $105         Ultimate 1.5 hr: $140       Deluxe 2 hrs: $200

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a body alignment therapy used to restore the correct posture we’re naturally meant to have. The work is performed by manipulating the fascia, the connective tissue that adheres to the skin to the muscles, and the muscles to the underlying structures. Muscles are completely wrapped in the fascia, and when healthy, there is proper movement and posture in the body. When there is a restriction in the fascia, usually caused by improper posture and aging, the muscles become “stuck” to each other, resulting in pain and poor body posture and movement. Through Structural Integration, the fascia is lengthened using extremely slow, deep strokes to rehabilitate our bodies to correct alignment.
The pricing for Structural Integration is as follows:

What’s the importance of body alignment?

When gravity flows perfectly through us, our bodies distribute the weight where it’s meant to be. However, this is rarely the case since our alignment is often compromised due to how we use our bodies. Out of alignment, we hold the force of gravity in our structure, causing stress in our muscles and therefore pain. Being in alignment, we use our bodies the way they’re meant to be used, eliminating stress and dysfunction.

What can improper alignment do to us?

Improper alignment leads to countless dysfunctions. Scoliosis, torticollis, flat feet, asthma, tension headaches/ migraines, humped backs, numbness/ loss of function, these are all just a few examples. Often, surgeries are done at the site of the symptoms but not the true problem areas. Structural Integration focuses on where the problem is rather than where the pain is. By eliminating the problem, we eliminate the pain.

How can Structural Integration help?

Since these dysfunctions are caused by improper alignment, restoring proper alignment eliminates these issues. Many other benefits include:

  •   Increased energy
  •   Enhanced senses
  •   Restored function in the body
  •   Flexibility/ Freedom to move
  •   Freedom from pain
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Does Structural Integration hurt?

Structural Integration, when done correctly, does not hurt or cause harm. While the strokes used are very deep, they are not intolerable since the speed is extremely slow. The therapist adjusts what they need to meet the comfort level of the client. However, the pain is already present in the body, therefore some areas worked will be intense, but not more than the client is able to handle. This is much different from harmful pain and more like a good stretch. The goal of structural integration is to ultimately eliminate pain from the body.

How often will I need this work?

There are 10 specific sessions to put the body into full alignment. However, not all ten sessions are needed for those seeking spot work. Those who want to be completely aligned throughout their body should enroll in the 10 sessions. For those who just need to work in specific areas, focused sessions can be done. Depending on the dysfunction, one can expect to need one or two sessions.