Tierra Williams South Ogden

Tierra H. Master Esthetician

What inspired you to choose this profession? I have always been a girly girl and known since I was little that I wanted to go into the beauty industry. As I got into my teens, I experienced acne so I know how it feels to be embarrassed enough to want to hide or be invisible! I was determined to learn how to take care of my skin in the best way possible and to help others do the same. Clear skin makes a world of difference in the confidence you have. Building confidence and making others feel beautiful is why I love my job!

Describe your strong points of the services you perform here at the spa. Educating my clients on their skin and what they can do to help perfect it is my favorite part of work. My strong points include really listening to my client verbally as well as their    body language.  I focus on their needs while also educating them.  I love to incorporate a great massage into my facials and pedicures.

Why do you love working at New Image Day Spa? The staff here is great! I absolutely love the atmosphere of this spa. It is relaxing, peaceful and beautiful! We are a strong team and attend classes to continue our education, making us up-to-date and ready to give you the best service and experience possible.

What is your favorite service at the spa and Why is it your favorite? I enjoy facials because i can provide a relaxing treatment while educating you at the same time. It is relaxing and enjoyable for me as well! I also like pedicures because I enjoy being  able to talk to my clients and hear about their every day lives. Building relationships while making a difference is the best part of my job.

Tell a little about your personality & how it relates to the success of your profession. I’m a friendly, kind and caring person who enjoys listening and building relationships with each client. I can be outgoing, which is important in building relationships, but I am also very mellow, calm, and soft spoken which is great to help my clients relax and feel at peace.

What are your Hobbies and/or interests? I love spending time with my friends and family. I love being outdoors in the summer time, whether it be hiking or reading a book in the sun, with plenty of sun protection of course.;) I’m also very artistic. I love painting and crafting.

Why should a client choose to come experience the spa and have a service by you? Our staff is great!  We are friendly and work hard to give each client an excellent service. I encourage everyone to come experience this beautiful and relaxing spa. I love my job and love to make others happy. 🙂