Specific acupressure points are stimulated to reduce inflammation and increase circulation to the blocked areas of the sinus. This relaxing pressure massage is very effective for acute and chronic sinus problems.

If you suffer from blocked and irritated sinuses, you will know how debilitating this condition can be. Taking over-the-counter medication may give short term relief but can also leave you feeling drowsy and unable to concentrate on normal tasks. With medication you also run the risk of exacerbating the condition by thickening the mucus and causing the blockage to become worse.

Indeed, the pain and pressure is caused by mucus build-up in the sinus passages. This can start due to allergies and then is an invitation for bugs to breed and cause an infection! Draining the sinuses is a natural way to prevent mucus build-up and pain due to pressure.

The clients that benefit the most from this treatment are those who suffer from intense sinus pressure, migraines and stress headaches.

At New Image Day Spa, when providing a Sinus Relief Massage we use aromatherapy infused hot steamed towels to warm up the tissues of the face and use a special facial massage lotion to prevent clogging of pores.  Pressure point massage is then gently applied to several areas to stimulate the movement of congestion in the sinus cavities alleviating headache pressure and inflammation.

To get the best results we include a scalp and shoulder massage to stimulate lymphatic flow, leaving the client with a feeling of total relief and relaxation.