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Experience timeless beauty at New Image Day Spa with our Botox treatments. Skillfully crafted to rejuvenate and refine, our approach to Botox brings out the best in every visage. Step into our sanctuary and emerge with a renewed elegance that defies the ages.

Forehead Lines


Transform your visage with our Botox treatment for forehead lines. Our expertly administered injections use a purified protein to gently relax forehead muscles, effortlessly diminishing horizontal wrinkles. Step into a smoother, more youthful tomorrow with a refreshed appearance that speaks volumes of our dedication to beauty and rejuvenation.

Crow's Feet (Both Sides)


Rediscover the sparkle in your eyes at New Image Day Spa. Our precision Botox treatment targets crow’s feet, softening those tell-tale lines that radiate from the corners of the eyes. Experience the art of ageless beauty with us, and let your eyes shine with renewed youth and vitality.


Glabellar Lines (Frown Lines)


Grace and poise begin with a serene expression. At New Image Day Spa, our specialized Botox treatment delicately eases glabellar lines, those prominent furrows between the brows. Step into a world where age is but a number, and let your refreshed countenance radiate confidence and charm.


Full Upper Face




Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes muscles when injected, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Common areas for Botox treatment include the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), and between the eyebrows (frown lines).

Botox effects are temporary, lasting three to six months. Repeat treatments are needed to maintain results.

When administered by a qualified professional, Botox is generally safe, with common side effects like temporary bruising or swelling.

Generally, healthy adults with realistic expectations are suitable candidates, but a healthcare provider should assess individual eligibility during a consultation.

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