Therapeutic and Advanced massages can be an important component of your health maintenance and/or wellness plan. Massage helps keep the body and mind functioning optimally.

· Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin
· Improves circulation of blood and lymph
· Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility
· Encourages general relaxation
· Improves immune system functioning
· Improves energy flow

Ogden Massage Therapy

Supports Your Fitness or Sports Program:

Therapeutic massage can be an important adjunct to a fitness or sports program, helping you achieve your performance goals with minimal injury and pain.

· Relieves tired and sore muscles
· Helps improve flexibility
· Relaxes tight muscles
· Speeds recovery from strenuous physical exertion
· Reduces the anxiety of athletic competition

Combats the Negative Effects of Aging:

Therapeutic massage is effective in combating the negative effects of aging noticed in the middle to late years of life. It helps keep body tissues and basic functions in a more youthful state.

· Enhances tissue elasticity and joint flexibility
· Improves blood and lymph circulation Promotes healthy vibrant skin
· Improves immune system functioning
· Relieves muscle aches and stiffness