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Hair Removal Service

Face (for Face Sugaring please up to $5 to each area) WAX    SUGAR
Full Face $65        $70
Eye Brows Shape & Trim (not available in sugaring) $20        N/A

Upper Lip

$25       $25

$10       $15

Lower Lip $10          $15
Chin $15          $20
Cheeks $25          $25
Nose $10          N/A
Ears $10          N/A
Chest (for Chest Sugaring please add $15 to any area)
Full Chest $45        $60
Abdomen (for Abs Sugaring please add $15 to any area)
Full Abdomen $45        $60
Back (for back Sugaring please add $15 to any area)
Full Back with Shoulders $85          $100
Mid Back with Shoulders $65        $85
Lower Back $40        $60
Arm (for Arm Sugaring please add up to $15 to any area)
Full Arm $65      $80
Upper Arms (elbow to shoulder) $35      $50
Lower Arms (elbow to hand) $40      $55
Underarm (sugaring not extra) $25       $25
Fingers (sugaring not extra) $10        $10
Legs (for Leg Sugaring please add up to $20 to any area)
Full Legs (not available in sugaring) $80        N/A
Upper Legs $45        $65
Lower Legs $45        $65
Toes (sugaring not extra) $10        $10
Pelvic Area (or Pelvic Sugaring please add $15 to any area)
Full Women’s Brazilian $65      $80
Bikini Extended $45      $60
Back Side (Cheeks) $65        $80
Back Side (Crack) $30        $45
Men’s Brazilian $120      $135

Always be ready for that weekend getaway or playful day poolside. With our hair removal services you will experience the freedom of silky, hair-free areas for up to 6 weeks! While hair removal for men and hair removal for women obviously differs, the care and consideration paid to the procedures and treatment is always safe and professional. Whatever hair removal procedure you choose to experience, our professionals make sure you get everything you need to feel comfortable. We feature only the highest quality products: Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring, Nufree Botanical Non-Wax Hair Removal, and Ceripil Hard Wax

  • All hair should be pre-trimmed down or grown out to 1/4 inch in length (grain of rice)
  • Can’t Reach to trim? We are happy to help! Please add $10 to your price if we need to professionally trim the area down to 1/4 inch before your service
  • Ask about pre-book savings if your next appointment is scheduled before you leave the spa.
  • Please note that our Sugaring Method has a slightly higher price point because when our technicians use the Sugaring method of hair removal, they have received specialized education. Also, it is physically more strenuous for them to perform this service and takes longer in some areas of the body.

Get started down the road to razor-free days today!