Job Related Stress is at an all-time high. Today’s employees (and employers) are showing increased signs of depression, absenteeism and other health-related problems as they are asked to work harder and longer than ever before. Health insurance, once intended to help businesses combat these problems, has become a costly option that focuses on the symptoms and rarely treats the cause. And doctor visits are rarely, if ever, considered as fun and relaxing as would be a trip to a spa.

Ogden Corporate Spa IncentivesNew Image Day Spa introduces our Corporate Spa Wellness Program designed to allow your Company to provide your employees with a means to reduce work-related pressures. Corporate Spa Wellness Program participants can set up a spa account, pay a 10% discount on spa services and be charged monthly or after each treatment. This makes it easy and convenient to send any people (employees, clients, recruits, etc.) to have any world-class spa treatments.

Ogden Corporate Spa IncentivesEmployers can use the Corporate Spa Wellness Program as the ultimate incentive, associate bonus, birthday gift or simply as a reward for a job well done. Businesses can also use the Corporate Spa Wellness Program as an attractive perk to pursue new and/or loyal customers to increase sales.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists provide therapeutic benefits that promote mental and physical health they can also help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. Manicures and Pedicures are based on natural therapies as an essential component of grooming and cleanliness to provide that professional edge. Our spa facials help rejuvenate and restore tired skin to a more youthful glow resulting in a client’s renewed vigor, self-esteem and alertness.

By utilizing the Corporate Spa Wellness Program, Employers can now provide their associates and clients with all of the amenities, and health benefits, of a World-Class Spa with ease and convenience.

Email or call Michelle if you have any questions and to set up your corporate account today. or 801-475-7733.